Boffin Scientists Discover Moon

A moon, yesterday

A moon, yesterday

Scientists at the Toytown Institute of Terestrial Studies and Advanced Research into Space Exploration believe that they have discovered an unexpected orbital planetary body.

A spokesman for T.I.T.S and A.R.S.E admitted that they should have spotted it a long time ago, but were busy looking at other bodies.

This newly noticed satellite appears to be yellow with four distinct craters close to its middle area, is quite close to earth and very small yet appears to have its own gravity. This has led to fears that it may be artificial.

Local businessman and eccentric Mr. Peter David Spoon claims to have known about the button shaped moon since 1981, and to have visited it many times. “The wife bought me a rocket”, he claims, “and I went there at lunchtime every day for a few years. It is artificial, and there is a form of life on it.”

The leader of the Clanger Collective, Major Clanger has already issued a Cease And Desist Order against what he claims to be a “fake moon”.  “We can’t have a foreign body coming here and taking our moon business way,” he harrumphed, “that just isn’t the way things are done!”

Mooncat was sadly unavailable for comment.

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