British Supercomputer To Be Scrapped

A recently rediscovered supercomputer is set to be scrapped unless a new home can be found for it. The machine, which operated from 1981 to 1989 has been deemed to be “unimportant”.

chokThe Chock-a-Block machine, recently unearthed during routine maintenance¬† of the Dinorwig Hydro-Electric power station, is believed to have at one point co-ordinated the entire of the UK’s National Grid while running BBC1 at the same time.

The National Museum of Computing have expressed no interest in housing the machine, even though it still seems to be in full working order. ARM Holdings have also refused to look after it, despite it being influential in the development of their processors.

Former operator Fred Harris believes that the computer may still be of use. He stated that “even given it’s reduced power and capacity compared to modern computers, it should still be able to manage the output of BBC3”.



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