Brush Confused Over Supporting Tories

Famed 1970s childrens’ entertainer, and noted henhouse botherer, Basil Brush has expressed his confusion over supporting the Conservative Party.

A long time Tory voter, who for many years had the ear of Principal Private Secretary Bernard Woolley (codenamed Mr. Derek), Brush has been thrown into turmoil over the proposed re-instatement of fox hunting.

Brush, the quintessential tweedy upper class Tory, says he kept quiet about the issue in the past. “There are a lot of things from the past we didn’t talk openly about then, and don’t like talking about now,” he said, “but bringing back Fox Hunting would be like bringing back Rolf’s Cartoon Time”.

“While I agree with the slow erosion of human rights, the demonisation or the poor, the destruction of the NHS and low taxes for Toffs,” he added, “I cannot stomach the idea of my orange-furred brethen having their guts torn out in the corner of some muddied field.”

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