Giddy Loch Ness Hidden Agenda Revealed

The recent extensive prescence of the “Giddy Game Show” team on the shores of Loch Ness has been revealed for what it really is.

The team had claimed that they were there to write two volumes of their best selling series (available in one mediocre bookstore now), but sources claim they have an ulterior motive.

It is claimed that the team are seeking to make contact with the family of crypto-zoological beasts that, according to local folklore, live beneath the Loch.

The McTouts, pointing at a dark patch of water

Local residents Angus and Elspeth McTout, who have lived beside the Loch for decades with the stereotype father, maintain that there is nothing unusual about the waters. “Sometimes its a shadow, other times just an old inner-tube that looks a bit green and scaly,” said Angus.

“Hoots, mon!” added Elspeth, for authenticity.

“No monsters have ever been seen here,” confirmed local law enforcement officer Sergeant MacFuzz. “We get the occasional hoax,” he added, “but nothing has ever been found, even with the extensive reseach performed by Professor Dumkopf.”

Rumours are circulating that the Giddy team have constructed several craft to aid in their investigations, including a submarine constructed from a Bedford Beagle, a patrol boat based on a Ford P100 and an aircraft carrier formed from two modified Austin Ambassadors.



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