Trumpton Citizens Demand Change

trump riotsCivil unrest has been reignited again in the sleepy town of Trumpton, thirty years after the original Trumpton Riots, as local citizens have taken to the streets to demand that the town name be changed to something less embarrassing.

A mob has formed outside the Town Hall demanding that the town name be changed to distance it from a lunatic in Faraway Land, and thus bring to an end the ridicule that has been heaped on the town by certain quarters of the press.

Self appointed spokeswoman for the crowd Mrs. Honeyman said, “I might be a right-wing nutjob myself, but even I have standards. Would you mind looking after the baby for a moment, while I go and wave a placard?”

The group, which assembled very late last night, have already chosen a new name for the town. Local windmill owner Mr. Miller proposed the new name, which the mob took an instant liking to.

It is alleged by the besieged mayor, following a report from PC McGarry, that the whole thing may actually be a drunken publicity stunt.

“When some old sot stands on a table screaming “THIS IS FARTON!” and then gives away a truckload of free cider,” he asks, “what do you really expect?”


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