Cockleshell Bay To Be Sold To Oil Company

local-hero-pennan-scotland-beachThe idyllic seaside village of Cockleshell Bay, on the North East coast, is to be the site of a massive Oil and Gas operation, if plans by the Knox Corporation go ahead.

The bay area would be transformed into a giant oil terminal under the proposed plans, to exploit access to the current offshore rigs and proposed inland Fracking operations.

Knox have submitted various applications for facilities in the area in the past, but it is believed that under the current political climate that this time they will be successful.

Felix Harper, CEO of Knox has stated that should the applications be denied, he intends to “buy the whole fracking area and do what [he] fracking likes with it”.

Helen and Christopher Cockle, who run a guest house in the area are leading the protest campaign. “An oil refinery is no place for our twins to grow up,” said Helen.

One of the twins, Robin, said that “anything that obliterates this dump is fine by me”, while his sister is unavailable for comment due to being busy overseeing a major project at a large American oil company.


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