Controversy on Sodor following Referendum Result

The shock result of the Sodor referendum has sent shockwaves through the ranks of the engines on the island. The vote, taken by the engines on whether to stay affiliated with the mainland or sever all ties, was narrowly won by the OUT campaign.

ddFollowing the announcement of the result, refugees Donald and Douglas expressed concern for their future.

“We can see where this is going,” one of them said, “sooner or later there will be calls for us to be repatriated.”

“That will be the end for us,” the other one added.

The twin refugee engines arrived on Sodor in 1960, in complicated circumstances. One was scheduled to be executed, but it was never established which of the two it was to be. Investigations into Identity Theft were inconclusive, and the engines have so far been permitted to operate using the same number under the “UIC Code of Practice 438-3, Identification marking for tractive stock”.

There have also been calls from some engines to tear down the Vicarstown bridge, which connects the island with Barrow-in-Furness on the mainland. These demands mainly come from the “Small Engines”, who cannot travel that far due to their narrow gauge

Fellow engine “Duck” Montague claims he has already suffered from abuse following the vote.

“I’ve been pelted with coal, and had my tank urinated in,” he claims, “all because I have a funny accent!”

The controller of the railway, the Rotund Franchise-holder has pledged to resign in the “near future”, but still hopes interoperability can be maintained with other operators such as Lord Belborough, Dai Station and Dick Pickle.

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