Dangerous Dog Sought For Cat Death

Reports are coming in that the cat Custard has been fatally shot, while several other local residents have fled, following a local dog’s outburst of violence.

Witnesses tell that during the early hours of this morning, Custard’s neighbour, a Mr. Roobarb, emerged from his house clearly agitated and went to into his shed.

Commotions were heard from the shed, involving “a lot of sawing, banging and swearing”, and Mr. Roobarb emerged several hours later carrying what appeared to be a home made repeating crossbow.

Mr. Roobarb is then alleged to have opened fire on a flock of birds, screaming “Shut up!” and “This will teach you to laugh at all my plans!”

The birds subsequently scattered, and none were injured, however it is believed that Mr. Custard was caught in the crossfire as he climbed on the fence to investigate the noise. Mr. Roobarb then fled the scene.

Preliminary indictations show that Mr. Roobarb had spent the night consuming doggy chocs believed to contain amphetamines and playing violent video games.

PCs McGarry (Number 452) and Copper have been drafted in to assist with the case, along with a firearms team lead by Officer Charlie Dibble.

Mr. Roobarb is still at large and considered to be armed and dangerous, and possibly rabid. The public are advised not to approach him, but to contact the specially set up hotline number 000 487 62442.

A photofit of Mr. Roobarb has been released:


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