Entertainer Arrested

Another entertainer from the 1980s has been arrested following investigations conducted as part of Operation Faraway Tree.


Mr. Bundy. With a child.

The celebrity, believed to by Bully Bundy, was escorted to the Cuckoo Land Police Station by Officer Gotcha. It is believed that he is being interviewed, but has not yet been formally charged.

Operation Faraway Tree was established to investigate allegations entertainers being “not of normal creative excellence”. As such, apparently Mr. Bundy was hauled in for being a giant purple rabbit with stupidly large feet and ill-fitting footwear.

Operation Faraway Tree has come under fire from many people, who believe it to be a witch hunt, yet Fenella the Kettle Witch of Spout Hall is unconcerned.

“I’m not worried in the slightest,” she claimed,” I’m too busy sorting out a game show involving bouncy mushrooms, conkers and stupid giants”.

“I’m sure Endemol will buy it,” she added.

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