Giddy Game Show Moves To New Format

In a startling move, the presenters of the much loved and highly profitable “Giddy Game Show” have announced that they are to move to a new format of entertainment.

A giant cretin, annoying shortarse and boring old git. Gorilla, Giddy and Gus have presented the show for more years than anyone cares sto remember.

The presenters, a giant idiot, an annoying midget and a boring old coot are set to front a new paper based production.

The shift from poor quality animation to the printed page came about in the aftermath of “Gorillagate”. Gorilla alleged drubbed a producer over a lack of bananas, resulting in his contract not being renewed.

Many fear that the move will be detrimental to the show, citing the obvious format differences, yet others are keenly awaiting the change.

One thing does seem to univerally unite fans though: producing the giddy Game Game Show without the classic trio will just result in some unwatchable shite. Much like Fifth Gear.

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