Goggins in Post Office Fraud Scandal

A sub-postmistress, who was prosecuted for false accounting, has vowed to keep fighting after a group of councillors criticised the Post Office for the way it has handled cases involving her and other
alleged victims of a miscarriage of justice.

Mrs. Goggins, who ran the sub-post office in Greendale, was among many staff to have their contracts terminated by the Post Office over accusations of false accounting.

The grandmother hit the headlines when she admitted 27 counts of false accounting relating to the disappearance of £500 from Greendale’s sub-post office. She was sentenced to a community order, with a 12-month supervision requirement.

Mrs Goggins has always maintained that she did not take the money, and that it was due to glitches with the Post Office’s computer accounting system, which she is far too old to understand.

Pat Clifton, the local postman, has been been suspended. It is alleged that he has been driving his works vehicle with bogus number plates, and claiming cat food on his tax returns as a business expense.

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