Narcoleptic Cat Causes Chaos in Community

narcoleptic catIn startling recent news over three decades old, it has been revealed that the community of Emilyshop has been dealing with serious disruption caused by a sleepy moggie.

Muscial duo Madeline and Gabriel were the first to raise the issue, complaining to the local health authority that as soon as the cat started to yawn they had to end their performances and go to sleep.

Local industrialist Charlie Mouse also voiced concerns, citing his workforces’ inability to remain active during the slumber periods of said feline as a major contributing factor to his repair and cleaning enterprise skirting the shoals of bankruptcy.

The cat in question was not available for comment, as he was feeling a bit knackered and fancied a snooze.

Noted local academic Professor Yaffle has announced that he isĀ  working on a solution, but is hampered by his research being constantly interupted, on account of having to go to sleep every time Bagpuss goes to sleep.



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