New Camberwick Green Mayoress Appointed

mrshoneymanWaves of disppointment rocked the sleepy village of Camberwick Green
today as noted busybody Mrs. Honeyman became the Mayoress following a tense battle of resignations and withdrawals.

Mrs. Honeyman, known for her desire to know everyone’s daily comings and goings, has already begun to form her new cabinet from people completely unsuited to the task.

Alias the Jester, formerly known for his antics of looking stupid and talking drivel, has been named as the new Member for Inter-Village Affairs, while the useless medic Dr. Mopp has been retained to oversee all health related matters.

Captain Snort has lost his post as head of the local fort, to be replaced by Captain Flack, a man whose only previous military experience was fighting a cat that did not want to come down from a tree.

Flack’s former subordinates from the fire station have seen their ranks culled, with the roster now reading “Pugh, Pugh and Barney McGrew”. It is expected that Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub will become TPCSOs to boost the new “Thought Police” which Mrs. Honeyman has for so long been an advocate for.

No credence is being given to the rumours that Mrs. Honeyman “convinced” all the other prospective candidates to withdraw, but Lord Bellborough was heard to say “that woman knows everything about all of us”.


Alias the Jester claims to be disappointed, as “Inter-Village Affairs” isn’t what he thought it was.

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