Police “too busy to investigate burglaries”, yet not too busy to go on holiday

pc-mcgarryOnly days after announcing that they  were too busy to investigate crimes such as burglary, the Toytownshire Police Force have announced that PC McGarry (No 452)  and an unnamed WPC are to be sent on a fourteen day trial overseeing Toytownshire tourists overseas.

The recently announced funding and support cuts, and political interference mean that all Police resources are tied up with operation Faraway Tree and cyber-crimes, and mean that common crimes such as robbery, burglary and assault are unlikely to be investigated.

This has led to claims that anarchy may erupt, with experts citing the Trumpton Riots of 1986.

Inspector Juliet Bravo attempted to justify the project, saying that the tourists would respond to a familiar police presence from 7am to 10pm, completely missing the point that most of the trouble will actually occur between 10pm and 7am.

PC McGarry, who we believe recently won the office lottery, has been unavailable for comment. It is, however, expected that he will be deported within a week.

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