Respected banker given record payout for “work unpaid” as unwilling assistant.

Mr William Benn of 52 Festive Road, London has today received a record sum for “unpaid work” from a notorious renegade Time Lord – known as “The Shopkeeper”.

Nefarious Time Lord "The Shopkeeper"

Nefarious Time Lord “The Shopkeeper”

The case revealed how The Shopkeeper lured My Benn into his TARDIS device that was disguised as a fancy dress shop. As his then unwitting “assistant”, The Shopkeeper would send Mr Benn out to solve problems across space and time.

The Shopkeeper would invest his rewards from his “Asynchronistic Troubleshooter” business into long term accounts and safe investments to collect enormous sums in the present.

Mr Benn went on record stating;

“All I got was stuff like a shell, a wooden spoon or a box of matches; while The Shopkeeper earned himself enough, on my labour, to keep him in moustache combs for a million lifetimes! I put my life in danger regularly, avoiding charging dinosaurs, marauding Indians, blood thirsty pirates and fire breathing dragons. Only my keen wit and bankers reflexes kept me alive.”

The only comment from The Shopkeeper was “Fezzes are cool.”

With his payout, Mr Benn has said that he is looking forward to a nice sit down, cup of tea, a new bowler hat and the country of Australia to store his dozen keepsakes in.


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