Rolfaroo Released from Captivitity

Conservationists confirmed today that the last surviving Rolfaroo had been released from captivity, and may now be hunted.

The Rolfaroo, which has been held in captivity for the last three years, had previously been hunted to near-extinction in the Great Cull of 1975 lead by the Great White Hunter William Oddie (pictured).

Hunters are queuing up to join the, erm, hunt, including The Interceptor, Anneka Rica and Kenneth Kendall, Hemet Nessingwary, the bloke from the Tetley beer pumps, Theresa May, Hunter, Reginald D. Hunter, Rip Hunter, Todhunter from Red Dwarf, Hunter the Gladiator, the late James Hunt, Mike Hunt, Jeremy Hunt, and some cunts from The Sun.

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