Sodor Engine Suspended Over Drugs Investigation

Rail enthusiasts are reeling in shock following the withdrawal of one of the Sodor steam engines from service following a doping allegation.

It is claimed that the engine’s firebox was tested and found to contain illegal amounts of highly combustible performance boosting accelerants.

Sir Topham Hat, the dangerously obese controller of the railway, has stated that the unnamed engine in question has been withdrawn from service for “rehabilitaion”, and that timetables will not be affected.

The identity of the engine is not known,  but sources say that it is not Number 1 Thomas, who was seen running the service between Treadles’ Wharf and Llantisilly.

The engine is believed to be resting at Lord Belborough’s estate near Chigley.


Local busybody Mrs Honeyman has provided up with a photograph of said engine in rehab.



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