Traffic Complaints Change Law

wheeliesThe large number of complaints about the levels of traffic in Wheelie World have forced the government to adopt a new a radical law.

The complaints focus on the number of citizens who use the highways of Wheelie World, and the plans to build more roads to ease congestion.

Noted local agitator, Ms. F. Fellorick-Kettlewitch, has lodged over two hundred complaints in the last year alone.

The new law, enacted yesterday, expressly forbids Ms. Fellorick-Kettlewitch from utilising any service, public or private, which relies on the roads transport system.

The Minister of the Wheel Estate went on record to say “she hates roads, so now she doesn’t have to deal with them. Good luck getting a pizza delivered though, and I hope her kettle doesn’t boil over and require the emergency services”.

Representatives of both Pontypandy and Trumpton Fire Stations refused to comment, however local taxi driver Noddy did say that he was glad to be rid of her as a customer.


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