Wombles angry with Highways Agency comparison

The Wimbledon based eco-cleanup consortium has today expressed its dissatifaction with recent comparisons to the Highways Agency.

In a statement issued from 1 The Burrow, spokesman Mr. Bulgaria defended the activities of his organisation.

“We are committed to the recycling of materials that we discover, in other words: making good use of the the things that we find,” he stated, “unlike the Highways Agency, who just throw it all on to a big tip near Stafford.”

The Highways Agency replied that there was little or no use for most of the detritus that they gathered from the motorway verges, citing the limited recycling opportunites for dead badgers, bottles of lorry driver’s piss and heavily soiled pornography.

The did, however, claim that they had supplied last year’s entrance gate to the Download Festival, which was entirely constructed from car parts and other rubbish left at the scenes of accidents, including a Renault Espace with five bodies still inside.

Mr. Bulgaria’s response was “at least we haven’t closed the M64 for 3 hours because someone thought they saw a duck.”

Nobody from Cannock was available for comment.

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